Do you need a
marketing partner?


Let's make 2018 your best year yet. 

Your business or blog's a roaring success.

Now it's time to find a partner to take care of the marketing side of things, giving you the space to truly run, direct and grow your business without distractions.

There's a few routes you could go down. Maybe you're thinking of outsourcing some of your marketing activity (like social media) to a freelancer, or you're considering hiring an intern or apprentice to learn and work alongside you. Or maybe you're considering working with an agency. 

I'd love to encourage you to consider something a bit different - finding a marketing partner


What is a marketing partner? 

Somewhere between a marketing strategist or consultant and an in-house marketing assistant or manager, working with a freelancer that's acting as your marketing partner brings you a lot of benefits of both worlds. 

When I work with my clients, they're getting a mix of strategic thinking, planning, creative, and execution. Think of it as having a marketing associate in your back pocket (or at the end of an email). Have a question about which platform you should be focusing on? Want advice on commissioning a new website or how to evaluate which advertising deals are 'worth it'? Maybe you're launching a new product or need to evaluate an existing one to see what's not working and how to make it better. Whatever your marketing challenge is, I can help. 

I've worked on projects and one-off collaborations like my Pinterest packages before (and I still do, if that's what you're looking for), but I've found that my clients get the best value and most impact when we're working together on the big picture. 


How does it work? 

I'm really flexible because every person, every business owner, and every business is different. I'm happy to work on a per-project basis, but the easiest and best way for us to collaborate is to invest in a package or a certain amount of hours per month. This gives you the consistency of having a set amount of support every month, including monthly check-ins to see how things are going and to adjust plans for the months ahead. 


Want to find out more?

Although I'm currently working with clients as their marketing partner (or blog BFF!), this service is yet to launch to new clients. 

At this time I'd encourage you to fill in the short form below, express an interest in partnering on your marketing in 2018, and I'll come back to you quickly with some more details. And while you're waiting, see what my clients have said about my work and approach.